To face our history and to find self reconciliation;

To express ourselves and understand others;

To get rid of the perception that demotes the process of democratic re-construction to a subject of the political and cultural rights of only one particular ethnic group, and to lift it up to the place where it has to be with consistent arguments;

To create an opportunity for the revival and the re-construction of our country and our people without turning it virtually into a struggle for gaining or losing a position;

To leave a country and a world of offer, peace, equality, and love to our children in which they can feel safer rather than a world of exploitation, conflict, and mistrust;

To talk about and seek for what we can add to the process rather than what we can get from it;


We, the undersigning Circassians with different world views;

Invite all our organizations with their sensitive members and all the Circassians,

Who have developed respect to identities after living together with different ethnic groups throughout their centuries old history,

Who have coded an attitude on the side of the freedom of belief and expression into their collective memory thanks to their geography of various blended beliefs,

And who have acknowledged respect for the right of choice as the most important element of their culture by considering individual freedom as an important condition for its survival,

To say “We Are In!” to contribute more actively to the Process of Democratic Re-Construction.

It is surely our duty as Circassians along with all sections of the society to try for this process to end for the benefit of the country and the society.

We are for Democratic Re-Construction, against privileges and hierarchy of rights.           

There is no way to exist by ignoring! The Circassians are ready for a free and democratic society.

Yea Marje!